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XashXT Cookbook

Welcome to the XashXT Cookbook! This is a compilation of tutorials from various sources such old archives and other tutorials designed specifically for Xash3D engine and the XashXT modding toolkit! This guide also includes some articles that are a must read for people who want to pursue modding for XashXT.

This guide is created by CRxTRDude as a little archive of knowledge and a makeshift 'documentation' of progress for his mod Nikki Shore and now is sharing them with the community and even to people who aspire to make games with the Xash3D engine.


  • Mod-making tutorials from basic to advanced designed not only for beginners, but also to pros
  • Recipes in coding and other aspects of modding such as 2D art.
  • References and articles for people that can be very helpful.
  • Easy to follow navigation and footnotes for additional knowledge.

Read further

  • Mod-Making Tutorials
  • Recipes
  • Programs
  • References
  • Articles
  • Credits

Xash3D Cookbook
Mod-Making Tutorials Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Recipes Coding recipes 2D art recipes
References Half-Life Model Reference XashXT Entity List Others


This is created for the modding community as fair use. Some of the tutorials are acquired from old sources as well as from TWHL. The articles and recipes provided are owned by their respective owners.
Half-Life and GoldSrc are (C) Valve Corporation. Xash3D is (C) Uncle Mike. XashXT is (C) The XashXT Team.

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