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What Is XashXT?

XashXT is an extension mod that brings lots of new functionality for mod authors working with Xash3D. Xash3D is an independent game engine that is fully compatible with GoldSource (Half-Life) and has a number of advantages over it. In particular, these are extended interfaces that make it possible to implement realistic physics and graphics. XashXT, also known as the Xash mod, is an add-on that showcases the engine's capabilities in action. Despite its primary purpose (engine tech demo), the Xash mod is a stable, thoroughly debugged product with tons of exciting possibilities, which tear down the constraints that mappers routinely face.

The Xash mod gets updates and new features on a regular basis. Bugs are fixed shortly after they are found. This means that no long-standing bugs will be carried over from one version to another while the developer is busy adding new functionality—which incidentally many modern products are notorious for. Also worth mentioning is that the development kit is fully compatible with the original Half-Life (the same map, model and sprite editors are supported, the same entities are provided) and partly compatible with the Spirit of Half-Life mod (some global entity options and entities are the same).

Who This Help Is For

This documentation assumes an audience who know the terms related to working with the GoldSource engine, are familiar with the Xash3D engine and have some experience in making levels for these engines. If you have not yet reached that stage, then before consulting this help, please familiarise yourself with any of the Half-Life mapping how-tos available on the appropriate forums. Otherwise, reading this documentation will be pointless.

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