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What's inside your folder

Now that you've planned your mod from the ground up, it's time to find out what's inside the mod folder. We continue off from Setting up XashXT for modding where you have finished extracting XashXT and transferring the devkit. What constitutes the folder are a lot of files and FOLDERS. It may look intimidating, but this guide will set you up along on the contents on your mod folder.

  • /aurora - Contains the particles for the aurora particle system.
  • /bin - Contains all the DLLs for the game.
  • /gfx - Contains the splash screen and skybox textures are placed.
  • /maps - Contains the maps of the mod.
  • /materials - FIXME: Ask people what materials really do.
  • /media - Contains the AVIs for the startup, the logo, and MP3 background music.
  • /models - Contains the various models for the game such as props, monster, player and weapon models.
  • /scripts - Various scripts used for the game (especially if it is incorporated in the code).
  • /sound - Contains the various ambiance and sounds for the game.
  • /sprites - Contains all the sprites for the game.

Note that the valve folder also have the same content as the ones listed, but there are some added:

  • /cl_dlls - This is where the client DLL is placed in the original HL along with various dlls for VGUI controls and Demo editors.
  • /dlls - This is where server DLL (hl.dll) is placed in the original HL.
  • /events - This is where the events for the original HL are placed. Events are primarily used for multiplayer games.
  • /hw - Contains configuration files for the hardware mode in the original HL executable.
  • /overviews - For multiplayer games, paired alongside the VGUI.
  • /resource - Contains various scripts for the VGUI.

Along with the folders, there are other files inside Xash, these are:

  • *.cfg - Configuration files. Some of these files are automatically generated by Xash.
  • *.wad - Stands for «Where's All the Data» 1), these are archive files containing textures and other data for the game.
  • *.pak - PAK files are archive files containing primarily data such as models and other assets which can be made unavailable for modders (except if you use Pakscape).
  • ‹modname›.rc - Inside this file are settings for command line statements and setting of console color.
  • gameinfo.txt/libist.gam - Used by the game to recognize the mod and to be viewed in the Custom Game menu. Libist.gam files are automatically converted to gameinfo.txt to be used by the Xash3D engine.
  • titles.txt - Used for the various titles and messages for the maps in-game.
  • delta.lst - Used by the game to specify delta timing2) of various aspects of the game
  • maps.lst - Used by the game for multiplayer. It lists various maps that are displayed in the multiplayer menu.
  • ‹modname›.fgd - Used for the Valve Hammer Editor to define the entities used for mapping the mod.

There are many more files that you might encounter, they are covered in the various tutorials in the cookbook.

Further reading

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