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Where from here? ~ Basic Modding

So far we have done the following:

  • Understood what a mod is and how it impacted the games we play and the developers who make them.
  • Planned out the mod we wanted to make, either single player or multiplayer, serverside or clientside and with or without story
  • Understood what is inside the mod folder and what the specific files are for
  • Added our game to be used by the player by editing gameinfo.txt and doing either shortcuts, batch files or a custom exe.

Now it's time to see where you can go from what you have learned. From here:

  • You can proceed to Basic Mapping and learn to make a map.
  • You can go to Basic Coding and learn the insides of the server and client dlls
  • You can make your first model and adding it to your map in Basic Modelling
  • You can learn in Basic 2D-Art how to edit the Half-Life logo title.

More advanced things you can do include:

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