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This cookbook was originally done for myself as a way to place what I know about making mods (partially) and sharing it to others. I hope that after reading AND UNDERSTANDING this guide, you can have some direction for your mod. Most people who just started out modding as a fad have no sense of direction on where to go from there. They would end up feeling frustrated and eventually giving up on modding. I am hoping in this guide that the enthusiasm of the people who make mods can still go strong, as it was in those times where Half-Life's modding community was strong and keep on going strong to this day.

This guide is dedicated to that spirit.

I would like to thank the following people:

  • Uncle Mike, for giving me that spark again to make stuff with Xash3D and XashXT toolkit as well as giving the chance to people the opportunity to revisit GoldSrc once again through your engine.
  • Ku2zoff from the HLFX.ru forums for some of his help with some the code.
  • XaeroX for helping with the forum stuff
  • ILZM for suggesting to place the cookbook here (which is a great idea)

I also like to thank the communities at HLFX.ru forums and CS-Mapping.com.ua for their support and suggestions, they were very helpful for the pursuit of information for myself and this guide. Thanks to TWHL.info for some of their great information regarding Half-Life (as well as the VERC Collective archives), to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for still keeping pieces of HL modding history alive.

I finally thank Valve Corporation, who did two of the games that defined my childhood, Half-Life and Counter-Strike.

Finally, I like to dedicate this guide to the men and women of the Half-Life modding community and the ever expanding Xash3D community, where people have the chance to make their gaming dreams come true.

Now that the runny nose and flowing of tears are over, you can read the fine print:

  • The articles placed here are copyrighted from their respective owners mentioned. These are kept in the site for historical and referential purposes only and are only done in fair use for the modding community.
  • I, CRxTRDude, reserve the right to edit or remove parts or whole articles if they are specified to be taken down or do not justify to fair use.
  • You can use or derive from their code/assets/resources, provided that you also credit them for their work. Some of them are making mods just to kill their time or making mods as a hobby and do not gain profit for it.
  • Xash3D is © 2014 Uncle Mike. XashXT is © 2014 Uncle Mike and The XashXT Team.
  • Half-Life and GoldSrc is © Valve Corporation.
  • Nikki Shore, © Cyclohexane Games, Characters © 2014 Clinton Cañalita & Audryk Vasquez, Shore Studios.
  • Other trademarks are registered and © to their responsible owners.
  • This guide is © 2014 CRxTRDude.

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