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Various Links

Required programs

  • Xash3D Engine binaries - ModDB, Official. The engine used for the mod. Always download the more recent engine binaries. The latest version of the engine is v0.96, build 2664. Even if the engine didn't get past version 1, it is still a stable engine to use. You can even finish Half-Life using it. See this document for the list of compatible mods and map-packs for Xash3D
  • XashXT Binaries and resources - ModDB, Official. This is the mod where we'll be working on. The recent XashXT version is v0.65 rev.1. This also contains a Development Kit (xash\devkit) with all the things you need to compile maps as well as the source code that you need to edit.
  • Half-Life Resources (\valve) - Steam: link. Update: The Mighty Atom 80MB. Required by XashXT to run. Even if XashXT can be run without Half-Life resources, you need them to run the samples. You can remove the Half-Life resources once your mod is self-sufficient enough to not needing it. Note that if you installed Half-Life on a disk (the WOW version), you must update it to or some of the mods will not run.
  • Valve Hammer Editor - Version 3.4, Version 3.5 beta. The editor of choice for Half-Life mapping and also the map of choice for XashXT modding as well. An alternative is Jackhammer, created by XaeroX for Chain Studios, which has the same interface as Hammer, only improved and fixed. Take note that XashXT is not fully compatible with Jackhammer and such is used at your own risk, otherwise, use the Hammer Editor instead.
  • Visual C++ 6.0 - Buy it on sites such as Amazon or search on the internet. Our main editor for our XashXT source code. If it doesn't work, maybe because you're using Windows 7/8 and want to code in VC++ 6, you can use Code::Blocks, which is an open-source C++ IDE, and incorporate VC++ 6 there. See the article in the Code::Blocks wiki for details on how.
  • Paint program - Any paint program can be used to edit some of the assets in XashXT. Most commonly used in Photoshop or GIMP. Paint.NET can also be used as well.
  • Text editor- Whether if it's the built-in Notepad or any other programmer text editor, they can be used to edit some of the files of XashXT. Recommended programmer text editors are Notepad++ and Programmer's Notepad (But please, not word processors. Yes, WordPad is a word processor. Live with it.)
  • Modeling program - The most commonly-used modelling programs are 3D Studio Max and Milkshape 3D. They are used to make some of the assets of the game.

Modding programs:

  • Wally - link A texture maker program originally for Quake, but is Half-Life compatible. Use this to make textures or import textures made from PS or GIMP.
  • PakScape - link One of the only PAK editors out there that supports long filenames, perfect for Half-Life wads.
  • Sprite Explorer - link Used to extract or make sprites for Half-Life.
  • Other programs of importance can be found in various places in the internet (if you can find them)

Misc. Progams

  • Moppi Demopaja - siteOriginally used for the demoscene, it has a good AVI exporter for making your intro movies and intros, best of all, it's free! (but unstable and requires you to save often if you don't want to waste your work)
  • Audacity - site Open-Source sound editor. Has a slight learning curve, but it's great once you get to know it.

There are more programs that I want to mention, but I couldn't list them all here. I'll try to update this if I can.

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