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XashXT Features

  • Full compatibility with the original Half-Life entity set
  • Support for forming complex hierarchies of entities (Parent System)
  • Mirrors that can skip reflection of any specified object or, conversely, show ordinarily invisible objects
  • Surveillance monitors (colour and monochrome)
  • Portals that can take you from one point to another (as in Portal, but more basic)
  • Weather effects (rain and snow)
  • A powerful particle system with a standalone visual editor
  • A system of prefixes for making complex scripted scenes
  • An extended decal projection system that works on both level geometry and characters (players and NPCs)
  • Realistic lasers that can be reflected off mirror surfaces (used in gameplay)
  • A large set of logical entities for implementing any conditions in scripted scenes or complex arrangements
  • A camera with flexible settings for cutscenes, letting you switch to any character's point of view (including inanimate ones)
  • Configuration options for setting the attitude of any NPC towards others and towards the player
  • Dynamic coloured lighting that can project and play an animated texture as a light source
  • Playback of AVI files on level polygons and brush objects
  • A 3D skybox for simulating expansive areas
  • Bloom effects
  • Supports for HD textures (up to 4096×4096)
  • Background maps in the game menu (as in Source)
  • Support for large game levels (32768x32768x32768 units)
  • Shadow maps for dynamic shadows
  • More believable lighting
  • Realistic rigid body physics powered by a third-party engine (PhysX)
  • Realistic water
  • Dynamic day and night cycles
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