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Mod-Making Tutorials

This guide splits the tutorials to three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced tutorials. The tutorials are there to guide you just barely on the steps. They do not spoonfeed you, which means you learn the tutorial by your own undictated word-for-word, giving you a feeling of satisfaction and confidence as you go by your modding. They always end up with an 'Where from here?' segment where I list some possiblities on what you can do from here.

If there are problems with the balance of the tutorials, do PM me in the CS-Mapping or give me an email if you want to.

Beginner Tutorials

Here are the listing for the beginner tutorials:

  • Basic Mapping
    • Using Valve Hammer Editor
    • Your First Room
    • Using Entities
      • Brush entities
      • Point entities
    • 'Building' Your Map
    • Where from here? ~ Basic Mapping
  • Basic Coding
    • Introducing the Source Code
    • Setting up your IDE
    • Opening Your Workspace
    • What a Piece of Junk!: Source Code Heirarchy
    • How to Add Stuff: Basic Editing Etiquette
    • Where from Here? ~ Basic Coding
  • Basic Modelling
    • Setting Up Your 3D Editor
    • Making our Crate
    • Texturing our Crate:UV Mapping with LithUnwrap
    • Compiling the crate
      • Making our .QC file
      • The Easy Way: Using Milkshape 3D
      • The Hard Way: Using 3DS Max and StudioMDL
    • Where from here? Basic Modelling
  • Basic 2D-Art
    • Editing the Half-Life Intro Logo: 2D Art Editing Intro
    • Setting up our Sprite Explorer
    • Where's the Sprite?!: PAK File Primer
    • Decompiling the Sprite
    • Editing and Re-Compiling The Sprite
    • Final Result
    • Where from here: Basic 2D Art

Intermediate Tutorials


Advanced Tutorials

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